Boris Pleša


Hi! My name is Boris Pleša and I’m a graphic designer.

Here in Zagreb I’m running Boris Pleša Corporation, a graphic design studio I’ve started five years ago after I had spent more than ten years working as a graphic designer and art director in various agencies. I’m a professional member of Croatian Designers Association and Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts.

I’m a father of two, a husband and a terribly bad guitar player. I’m this tall, slim, handsome guy in the picture, lost somewhere in the Alps with my three girls.

I’m also a host at Floyd Room, a small studio apartment inspired by Pink Floyd iconography, and with my wife I’m running Doremiza, a creative collaborative space for workshops, lectures and meetings which is also a cozy place where I work. If you’re anywhere near Zagreb, you’re always welcome for a coffee.

See you!

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