Boris Pleša


I’ve always resisted the idea of being called an artist. As a graphic designer, I was taught that design, unlike art, must serve a function; in other words, it has a job to do. Therefore, graphic designers are just ordinary mortals. 

However, since I’ve started exhibiting my posters from the It’s Not Only Rock ‘N’ Roll series, most galleries, art fairs and the media usually present me as an artist. After many sleepless nights, and in order to ease my poor tortured mind, I’ve decided to embark on a proper personal artsy project so I can assure myself that, in fact, I really am a true bona fide artist. That’s how Crumpled Posters came to be.

The main idea behind the concept is that each poster in this edition is incomplete until a person who buys it straightens it back, and by doing so, this person – let’s say, you – participate in making a piece of art. You become an artist in your own right. Even more so, in this process each poster becomes a completely unique piece. I’m painfully aware that all this might sound like utter nonsense, but I also think that’s the whole beauty of the project — we do this together. And let me tell you, once these posters get framed, they look pretty awesome.

Only ten posters from this series are produced. Each poster is signed, numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. This is a special edition poster series, my friend, and a pretty good chance to become a very wealthy individual in the years to come. Or maybe not. 

Anyway, each poster costs €49,00. Next year the price will rise to €50,00. The year after that it will rise to €51,00, and so on. Now that I’ve revealed my age to you, and things have become much more personal, feel free to drop me an email, whether you want to buy a crumpled poster or you just want to tell me how stupid this concept is.

All posters are printed on special matte paper, the dimensions are 300×400mm, and you can choose any poster from the Posters section on this website. If they’re still available.

Hope you’ll join me in this humble pursuit for happiness and eternal greatness, art lovers. :)

In case you wonder what will happen with my regular cheap posters (the ones that are not crumpled, numbered or printed on fancy paper), no worries. They’re here to stay. You can consider the Crumpled Posters as collector’s items. Even though they’re, well… crumpled.

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