Boris Pleša


Worst client ever. I’ve designed this logo for one of the projects that I do with my wife. Doremiza is a small creative space here in Zagreb where you can organize workshops, photo and video sessions, lectures and meetings. Doremiza is just around the corner from the Ljubljanica tram stop, also known as ‘Remiza’, hence the name (‘do’ can be translated as ‘next to’).

When my wife asked me where is the catch with this logo (why the heck there always has to be a catch?) I had to tell her something, right? So I told her that all the letters are made of two lines which symbolically represent the two of us and the dynamics/synergy of our private and professional lives. She was happy with the answer until she realized that some of the letters have more than two lines. But I was prepared: I told her that I had to involve our children in the narrative, too. That was a winner. Problem solved.

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