Boris Pleša

Goodies & Badges

My dear friend Kaja has a great heart. She’s capable of doing many amazing things and most of them has a simple purpose, to cheer people up. At some point she was making loads of funny little textile badges and brooches for friends and I suggested it would be a good idea to give this urge of hers a name and make it a brand of sort.

So I suggested the name Goodies & Badges (word play with Good & Bad) and made a logo. Safety pin was on every badge and brooche so I decided to use it in the logo instead of an ampersand. Anyway, she started doing more and more of these things until she realized that she didn’t want this hobby of hers to be seen as a marketing strategy and being branded in a commercial way. And she was right. She still makes all sorts of brilliant things but under no brand or flag or anything like that. In other words, she’s just being — her. Sounds right, right?

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