Boris Pleša

Gospođica Ura

I designed this logo for an amazing Croatian illustrator and a dear friend of mine, Gospođica Ura. For all of you who don’t speak Croatian, Gospođica Ura can be roughly translated as Ms Clock/Watch/Time.

I tried to make this logo as simple as possible but having in mind all the things that Gospođica Ura cares about. She cares about Time. She thinks that giving her time (by drawing) is the biggest gift she can give to somebody. Therefore, logo is basically made of hour-hand and minute-hand traces. She also likes to do things her own way, differently than others. Therefore, this logo originates from a copyright sign, but done a bit differently. She also cares about people being kind to people. She cares about smiles. Therefore, logo looks like a smiley, but unfinished; it’s in the process of drawing. And finally, I tried to make it work as a monogram that subtly present letters ‘G’ and ‘U’, her initials.

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