Boris Pleša


Mr. Milton Glaser has written in his brilliant essay ‘Ten things I have learned’ that “You can only work for people that you like”. In this project that was exactly the case because I worked for/with Nataša who is a lovely and inspiring person but also a true dedicated professional.

Lila is a center for Play Therapy. Nataša decided to name it Lila because in Sanskrit this word can be interpreted as ‘play’. I designed the logo literally playing with the heart shape in my head and decided to give it a go with this custom typography. Heart shape as a graphic symbol can be interpreted in many ways and the trouble is that it has became such a cliche because it’s overused to the extreme and it can be seen everywhere. In that sense – when it’s hard to come up with something unique & fresh & catchy & appropriate – maybe it’s better to try to do something else. But as you can see, I couldn’t help it and now the hearts are all over the place.

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