Boris Pleša


I design logos. 

As simple as they seem – which is the whole point – the process of designing them is not simple at all. It involves research, sketching, mockups, proof prints and the list of graphic design geekery goes on. The important thing is that I always do my best to work with my clients as partners. We build a visual identity together and work on a system of graphic tools that form a consistent visual language. 

Over the years I’ve developed and implemented a wide range of visual identities for a variety of clients, from small art initiatives to big tech companies. I really love this process and I believe it’s a privilege to be given a chance to see projects come to life from the inside. To be a part of it, even more.

If all that makes sense to you and you would like to work with me, feel free to get in touch. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through all the stages in the development of a project; from a logo design brief, through my presentation and finally, the brand identity manual. 

Here are some of my works.

GameHub is the largest gaming platform in the region. They recently changed their name from GameBar into GameHub and needed a new visual identity. I was asked to redesign the logo and from early on I was focused to develop a simple monogram, having in mind that it will be used in every single digital application imaginable. The idea behind the monogram is quite straightforward; I've put square letters 'G' and 'H' into a direct interaction and tried to make them look like they play some kind of a game together.

After new logo was launched my kids couldn't believe there's a program on our TV with this logo in the corner, the same one their daddy was sketching on a piece of paper just a couple of weeks ago. Magic!

Visibillions is a data analysis platform. The main job for clever guys behind the project is to extract complex data, tables and graphs into a simple visual presentations. My job was to come up with a logo that looks serious but playful and dynamic at the same time.

I've had a privilege to design a logo for a first regional fundraising platform called Žuta točka (yellow dot). This project is a brainchild of Mladenka Majerić who is not only a succesful entrepreneur and business strategist but also a human with a big heart who is responsible for many fantastic humanitarian projects in the region.

By the way, I know what you might be thinking. If Yellow Dot is well, just a dot (singular), why there's so many dots here? Fundraising is never about one thing or about one person — it makes sense only when people get together. And that's something Mladenka and her team are really good at.

Vrijeme Net is a regional weather portal. I designed this logo a couple of years ago on a rainy October day. 'Vrijeme' in Croatian stands for 'weather'.

I designed this logo for a heritage interpretation association that curate a wide range of projects and is involved in a number of public activities here in Croatia.

Krokodil is a company that uses the finest pieces of oak wood and turn them into beautiful, carefully hand-crafted furniture. There's four graphic elements behind the logo. Tree lines are an obvious starting point. They're also made in form of a fingerprint to symbolize the uniqueness of each produced piece. The letter 'K' (for Krokodil) is shaped inside the lines, and last but not least, this letter 'K' also looks like a happy human being — the one in harmony with nature.

Inestetik is a magical world of Ines. Beside being a lovely and caring person, Ines is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. To cut the long story short, I made this simple wordmark logo from one line/thread because the most goodies that Ines make are made of threads. She sews custom clothes, makes children toys and all sorts of beautiful things made of natural textiles.

I'm happy to say that I also came up with the name for her brand. It's a wordplay of her name, anesthetic (anestetik) and aesthetic (estetik).

Worst client ever. I've designed this logo for one of the projects that I do with my wife. Doremiza is a small creative space here in Zagreb where you can organize workshops, photo and video sessions, lectures and meetings. Doremiza is just around the corner from the Ljubljanica tram stop, also known as 'Remiza', hence the name ('do' can be translated as 'next to').

When my wife asked me where is the catch with this logo (why the heck there always has to be a catch?) I had to tell her something, right? So I told her that all the letters are made of two lines which symbolically represent the two of us and the dynamics/synergy of our private and professional lives. She was happy with the answer until she realized that some of the letters have more than two lines. But I was prepared: I told her that I had to involve our children in the narrative, too. That was a winner. Problem solved.

'Ostajem u igri!' is a wonderful project by an association called 'Društvo Naša djeca' which comprises of 98 regional associations. Many of them are involved in programmes that deal with children mental health care and some of their activities are based on working with children and adolescents through advanced contemporary methods such is therapy play, mostly through individual programmes.

It feels good to be a part of such a great project and work with people who, unlike me, do some really important stuff. Typography made of colourful lines that intersect which each other and form new places/colours present simple symbolism of an interaction between the people behind the project and families that are involved in the programmes.

Legeton Stela is a local fuel oil distributor with fifteen cistern trucks and a gas station. I was asked to redesign their visual identity and I came up with a simple solution where central letters “E” in both words of the name turn into a digital fuel gauge indicator. This symbol is also used in a further development of an identity as lines on the cistern trucks.

Djembabe is a wonderful all-female band that combine original African rhythms and Slavic traditional songs. 'Meant To Be' is their second album and I had a privilege to work on an album cover with my friend Saša Huzjak. His amazing photos did the most of the work but I still managed to sneak this logo on the back cover. Okay, strictly technically speaking, this doesn't count as a logo but there you go.

The team behind Head Camp are a group of retired rugby players, "with a passion for psychology and in the process of creating an App which should help athletes mentally prepare for competition and everyday training", as it was written in their brief.

I was asked to design something smart and simple, with an icon that could be easily applicated in both digital and print. I really hoped guys are gonna be happy with the final result because they're, as I said, retired rugby players and I am, well… not. And another thing — if I had to put this logo project in a catchy tagline, it would go something like: 'Negative space. Positive mind.' In your face, copywriters.

Videotonik is, just as the name suggests, a video and audio studio. This etymology (video + tone) was also the main reason why I tried to come up with something completely different and define a visual language without getting into video/audio icons cliches.

I focused on a 'tonik' word play and implemented floating circles (or bubbles, if you wish), in the wordmark. These most simple yet effective graphic elements will be also easy to work with later, using them as secondary elements or backgrounds. Luckily, the client is a cool guy who is also my ex colleague - we fought many battles together in the trenches of our agency life - and I'm glad he put his faith in me on this one.

Logo for a business conference. 'Novo Doba' can be translated as 'New Era'.

Logo for a Chinese company that manufactures wide range of wooden products, from children's toys to furniture.

Saša Huzjak is an amazing photographer and a dear friend of mine. I made this logo for him a year ago but his website is still not updated. Hmm... Saša?

Anyway, my idea was to use his initials and make one monogram that could be readable both as letters 'S' and 'H', one in horizontal and the other in vertical orientation. Just the way photographers use their camera. And the lines that make monogram are just connected dots that you can see in a camera viewfinder. I know, a lot of things are going on here but Saša thinks the logo works fine which makes me happy too.

Okno Collective is a joint venture of a several regional IT companies. I designed a logo as a wordmark, in a minimalistic subtle fashion and following a simple premise; word okno is a local synonim for a window.

Vla Vla is a tourist agency that offers a wide range of activities: city walks, panoramic flights, skydiving, city cycling tours and adrenalin park activities.

Vlatka, the owner of the agency, is a good friend of mine and a lovely person with great sense of humor. When two of us started talking about the branding I suggested the name Vla Vla because it reinterprets her name in a funny way; tourist guides talk a lot and 'bla bla' easily comes to mind, right? She actually thought that was a good idea and Vla Vla it was. I designed a logo with one repeating graphic element in different colours which represents an ever-growing range of services Vlatka and her team can provide for her clients.

Grafički Zavod Hrvatske is one of the biggest printing companies in the region. They recently celebrated 140 years in business and they needed a sign to accompany their logo and promo materials to mark the anniversary.

Agency I was working for at the time got the job and I suggested this simple dotted sign which subtly represents ink dots in print, with each of them being a symbol for every year of company's long history. If you don't believe me and if you're really, really bored — count them.

Varstvo pri Nani is a private nursery (Varstvo), run by Ms. Tatjana who is better known among friends and local community as Nani. I was asked to designed a logo and I couldn't wait to start sketching because it's always challenging to come up with something fresh in this type of identity.

In my presentations I always present two ideas. That doesn't mean I work on two ideas only; sometimes I work on seven ideas at the time, after I sketched thirty. Anyway, this time I made an exception and decided to include three solutions because I had this silly idea of a child icon smiling inside the pin icon. You guessed right; that was the third one. Luckily, Tatjana has a great sense of humour and she decided to go with that one. This job was done four years ago and I must say I still like this silly idea of a logo that shows you where your child is at the moment.

Naš mali Afro Bend (Our Little Afro Band) is a percussion band that plays west-african rhythms. Their contageous positive vibes when performing live usually make your body start dancing without your mind even noticing.

I designed the logo based on the simple philosophy behind this wonderful bunch; when they get together to play, everybody's welcome and everybody can/should join the party.

Mono2Mono is a rock band. After I was asked to design a logo for them, I started sketching and soon realized that I shouldn't think of it in a classic fashion. I mean, this is a rock band, right?

Finally, I suggested a solution where logo is not really a logo. It's just a way anyone is supposed to write the name of the band in their own handwriting, in a specific order. Even though the band broke up recently (as many of them do) I'm pleased to say they were quite happy with this idea.

Dalmacija News is a regional news portal. Dalmatia region is strongly intersected with the Adriatic Sea so I decided to choose a compass as a main graphic element for the development of the logo because it can stand as a metaphor for orientation in everyday life, too. And if you think about it, that's something internet portals do in a way — they provide informations that can help you take a stand in the world around you. Also, letters N, E, W, S on the compass seemed to fit the concept.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine who lives in Sydney decided to open an organic food store called Good For You so I designed this simple wordplay logo for him.

His business plan and life in general went in other direction — meanwhile he finished studies and became an architect. Still, I hope Good For You will open it's doors sometime in the future and do good for you if you live nearby.

Brain Frame is a platform for sound exploration. I designed this logo for my dear friend Kruno who is a percussionist, philosopher and founder of Brain Frame. On his quest on exploring origins of man-made sounds Kruno has chosen the most simple and the most crazy solution there is — he started making frame drums, first known man-made instruments. Btw, he gave me one of these beauties and now I'm thinking about moving into a cave.

This was a type of project I always enjoy working on. Cuki Grooms is a new grooming studio here in Zagreb, run by Cuki, who spent many years in a corporative surrounding but always dreamt of opening her own little studio where she can cuddle with dogs all day and make them (and their human friends) happy. Herself including. It feels so good to work with/for people who decide to follow their dreams, especially at challenging times like this and against the all odds. You go girl.

Loop is a digital marketing agency. After I was asked to design a logo, it was quite fun to find innumerous examples of loop logos out there. It seems like there's at least a million firms with that name on this planet. On the other hand, I really love challenges like this, when I have to do an immense research and find out what many other people came up with, challenged with a similar task. I ended up with a solution which puts circles in a 3D space to look like a 2D typography.

Mladi mariborski solisti are a young classical music collective from Maribor, Slovenia. The main idea behind the identity was to make a monogram out of ensemble's acronym. Bigger 'M' stands for Maribor, the smaller one stands for 'mladi' - which can be translated as 'young' - and it is placed beneath the bigger one, in order to represent the youth of the city.

The letter 'S' was done as an F hole which is not only an integral part of each instrument in this ensemble but also a wide known classical music symbol (and the one that is not so overused as a violin key). The middle part of a F hole symbol is not visible so it can be easily read as 'S'. This is also a subtle element which honours the classical music heritage as well because in the past this hole was called — 'S'.

Floyd Room is a small studio apartment in Zagreb, designed by Pink Floyd fans. If you're familiar with their music and imagery you must have seen their most famous album cover for The Dark Side Of The Moon, designed by my greatest hero Storm Thorgerson. The prism in negative space was the obvious choice for the development of this simple logo. Btw, this was an unpaid work. Full disclosure: my wife and me run this place.

Up is an unused logo concept for an art initiative that never saw the light of the day. But hey, when you think about it — 'Up' is really a fantastic name for anything (nudge, nudge) so if you decide to start any kind of project and need a logo, you know where to find me.

Marco Polo is a family run restaurant in the heart of the old city of Dubrovnik. I was asked to redesign the logo and when I got the job I immediately knew I'm in trouble. When you have a brand with a name like that it's almost impossible to come up with something new, something that nobody else figured out before. That's why we decided to go with a simple solution: we have chosen an elegant script typography and focused on secondary elements and patterns. There's no deep symbolisms here or catchy negative space features.

Still, the Force was too strong so I placed one subtle element inside a logo, something that I didn't even tell the client about until the day I delivered the brand manual. Btw, they were happy when they saw it. Marco Polo was known to be the first man who did many things so I placed number 1 inside the name. Hope you can see it. If not, that's okay, too.

Well, this is not really a logo. It was more a logo exercise. I made this one when I realized I reached more than 1K followers on Instagram. So that's me you're looking at, dancing like John Travolta. Maybe even better.

I designed this logo for an amazing Croatian illustrator and a dear friend of mine, Gospođica Ura. For all of you who don't speak Croatian, Gospođica Ura can be roughly translated as Ms Clock/Watch/Time.

I tried to make this logo as simple as possible but having in mind all the things that Gospođica Ura cares about. She cares about Time. She thinks that giving her time (by drawing) is the biggest gift she can give to somebody. Therefore, logo is basically made of hour-hand and minute-hand traces. She also likes to do things her own way, differently than others. Therefore, this logo originates from a copyright sign, but done a bit differently. She also cares about people being kind to people. She cares about smiles. Therefore, logo looks like a smiley, but unfinished; it's in the process of drawing. And finally, I tried to make it work as a monogram that subtly present letters 'G' and 'U', her initials.

Voljan is a small lectoring and translating agency, deeply in love with literature, teaching and above all — books. This job was done really smoothly because we got along pretty well from the start and I have to say it's a real pleasure to work with clients who are in love with what they do as in Voljan's case.

This logo was hard work. I mean, with superlong word like Nutrition4marathon it was quite clear that it's not gonna be easy. Just like marathon! So from early on, I knew I must come up with a simple icon consisting number 4 — but so many other sports logos have it, too, right?

I still haven't found this icon done by somebody else, but I believe there must be one. If you know of such a logo, please let me know.

Zagreb Smile is a theme city tours here in Zagreb. There's literally an ocean of smiley logos out there and I had to dig deep to figure out how to make something fresh and appropriate.

If you've ever been in Zagreb, you must have seen red umbrellas at the open markets — they’re Zagreb’s trademark. And if you've ever been guided by tourist guide anywhere, there's a good chance s/he had an umbrella to point the direction your group were going to, so that's another element to the identity that's linked to tourism and tourist guides. There's eight typographic smileys around the wordmark (in the shape of an umbrella) to symbolize people coming from all sides of the world.

Plesna izba Maribor is a dance and performing arts platform. It is strongly oriented to the educational programs as well and young people take an important part in all aspects of their work.

I had a privilege to design the logo which is based on the main three words in the name and each of them is presented through one of the primary geometrical shapes. Circle stands for dance or movement (Plesna), square stands for a space (izba: room) and triangle stands for a location (Maribor).

Radoznalac is a Croatian informal word for a curious person, someone who is always in quest for answers. In this case, Radoznalac is a new-established educational platform and it was a real pleasure to work on this logo with Marija, an experienced entrepreneur behind this project.

A couple of years ago T-shirt turned 100. Local advertising agency decided to mark this anniversary and I got an invitation to come up with an image or a logo for promotional materials. Icon is all mine but in my defense, I didn't chose the typography.

You know how they say in American movies: "Anything you say can be used against you in court." So all I'm gonna say here is that this is a logo I've designed for a Slovenian law firm.

Zagreb Inside was a two year interpretation heritage project supported by Zagreb Tourist Board. This was the very first themed walking city tours here, mostly based on stories about forgotten women and men from Zagreb's past, stories about local arts and crafts and of course, romances.

I designed the visual identity and also came up with a name. Female figure in the logo is loosely based on a famous statue of Croatian writer and storyteller Marija Jurić Zagorka. The figure in logo is holding an umbrella up high as a typical weapon of choice for tourist guides.

By the way, yellow has nothing to do with Zagreb, usual colours that are presenting Zagreb are blue and sometimes red (if you've ever visited street markets here, you know what I'm talking about) but I've decided to go with yellow to close the primary colours triangle.

Unique Jet is a business airlines company I made logo for. I never dreamt that one of my logos is gonna end up on airplanes but life of a designer moves in mysterious ways.

This job was very special to me for one more reason. It made one of my dreams come true — it paid my first trip to NYC.

I designed this logo for an electrical solutions company called O3. I thought that an icon of a cable with a plug that shapes both letter O and number 3 might work well. Client went with other solution in the end but I thought this idea was worth a try.

My country is a great destination for cyclotourists and I had a privilege to design a logo for, a project by Croatian Ministry of Tourism. 

The logo is based on a simple idea. There's an icon of a cyclist riding a letter T and instead of a circle which is commonly used for portraying head in icons, cyclist's head is a square. Why? Red and white squares are wide-known Croatian symbols but this square also represents, in a funny way, a stubborn and persistent mentality of Croats — especially in sports.

Nading is a fire protection solutions company. I was asked to redesign the old logo and from early on I thought it would be a good idea to focus on the letter 'N' (instead of 'A', as it was in the previous version) and go with the obvious allusion on the No Fire sign.

Luckily, smart people from Nading thought that was a smart idea and this job was done in no time.

Muzej spomenara (Scrapbook museum) is a heritage interpretation project that is usually presented with a tagline 'Facebook of our grandmothers'.

Scrapbooks were hugely popular in this part of the world from the second half of the 19th century until quite recently, when social media came along. If you have in mind turbulent recent history and innumerous cultural and political changes during that time in this region, it's amazing to see that close connections between family and friends always stayed the same. I designed the logo using letters M and S in a form of an open scrapbook.

Manufraktura is an interactive design studio. I designed the logo as a simple wordmark but since the meaning of the name is twisted (from The Manufacture to The Manual Fracture) I tried to emphasize the letter R to point out the high quality of service that comes from the geek who runs this studio.

Btw, the geek I'm talking about is one of my best friends and I assure you, he wouldn't mind being called a geek by me.

I designed this logo for a print shop in U.S. called Ink. If you know what CMYK stands for, you surely know what's this all about. If not, don't worry, there's much more to life than graphic design and all the snobbery around it.

China House is a cute family restaurant here in Zagreb. I designed this logo having in mind the fact that China House is really a house and it's squeezed beneath many tall business buildings.

I've done this a long time ago and I'm not sure if this was the first Chinese restaurant I've been to, but I'm pretty sure it was the first I've designed logo for. I still go there once in a while for their fantastic chicken noodles in a peanut sauce. Yummy.

DNDM (Društvo Naša djeca Maksimir) is a governmental association for children with special needs and one of their main activities is play therapy.

Basic geometric elements are commonly used for that purpose so I designed the logo based on those elements. Their shapes and colours intersect and form a custom typography for the acronym. Also, colorful squares, circles and triangles serve as a kind of a toolbox for a further development of an identity.

Sunday Studios is a high-end recording studio that uses analog tapes and magnetophones exclusively. I thought it would be a good idea to design a logo with the first letters of the name stylized as a tape.

This is a logo I've done for an art fair that represents independent galleries and artists, the ones that are off-the-grid and that are not funded by anyone but themselves. That's also where the name Nesvrstani comes from — it can be translated as Non-Aligned.

Having that in mind, I designed the logo of a repeating but non-aligned words 'nesvrstani'. There's also a bit of a word game in it because words 'Vrsta!' and 'Stani!' are allusions to a strict, military language which is quite the opposite of all that Nesvrstani stands for. Letters are fitted into a square as a subtle allusion to red and white squares which are wide-known national symbol (.hr) but the square also represents a house (Lauba), the only place in the region where you can find so many independent galleries and artists at once. They entered into a fourth year and I think they're just warming up. Great project indeed.

Logo for a super fancy dental clinic.

You don't get e-mails from the European Film Academy every day. At least I don't. But strange things do happen in life and last year I was given an immense honour to design the logo for their new project International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk.

Here's a short intro on their website: "To activate the film community's collective response to cases of filmmakers facing severe risk, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, International Film Festival Rotterdam and the European Film Academy have joined forces in establishing the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk." The logo was a bit nervous when it was first shown to the public but you can't blame it — ICFR had it's premiere at Venice Film Festival.

Glasbeni studio Note zlata (Music studio Golden Note) is a project by Slovenian singer and violinist Maja Bevc. Super talented Maja teaches singing and also gives individual violine lessons in her studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

My task was to come up with a logo that is both classic and simple. Since her audience are the people who already have some musical education, I made this simple custom typography with a little twist in it. To emphasise her individual approach in work with each student, I put a whole note in it, instead of a letter 'O'. It's pretty subtle but if you're someone who knows what a whole note is, you also know that everything is, in fact, just fine with that drunken 'O'.

Mr. Milton Glaser has written in his brilliant essay 'Ten things I have learned' that "You can only work for people that you like". In this project that was exactly the case because I worked for/with Nataša who is a lovely and inspiring person but also a true dedicated professional.

Lila is a center for Play Therapy. Nataša decided to name it Lila because in Sanskrit this word can be interpreted as 'play'. I designed the logo literally playing with the heart shape in my head and decided to give it a go with this custom typography. Heart shape as a graphic symbol can be interpreted in many ways and the trouble is that it has became such a cliche because it's overused to the extreme and it can be seen everywhere. In that sense - when it's hard to come up with something unique & fresh & catchy & appropriate - maybe it's better to try to do something else. But as you can see, I couldn't help it and now the hearts are all over the place.

Last year, at one point, everybody started talking about New Normal. Me including. But what was that? Does anybody know? Thinking about it (and me being me), I made this NN logo.

If you decide to start a new evil corporation called New Normal and you need a logo, you know where to find me. Btw, if you can’t see it at first, don’t worry. Negative space tends to do that sometimes.

This was a job that was done in a blink of an eye. The client had a very strong idea about the icon and typography and I followed his vision. The logo is based on shaka sign, sometimes known as 'hang loose', a gesture of friendly intent often associated with Hawaii and surf culture.

A logo for an exclusive art fair KolektArt which is held annually under the roof of Lauba, a house for people and art that produces contemporary and urban cultural programs here in Zagreb. This fair is a three day contemporary art extravaganza and a place where you can see and purchase works by some of the most respected regional contemporary artists. Worth to mention is that you're being wined and dined along the way.

Supported by Croatian Ministry of Tourism, two cities in Croatia, Vinkovci and Vukovar, hosted a number of workshops and lectures for tourist guides and experts in heritage interpretation and I had a privilege to design a visual identity for the event.

Gotta say, this project was also a very interesting exploration platform for me. For instance: I learned that the ceramic bowl pictured here, known by name Orion was found 40 years ago at archeological site in Vinkovci and being 4.500 years old (!) it's considered to be the very first known calendar in Europe. It contains symbols for each season so we based the visual identity on three symbols that stand for autumn because the event was held in November. We also followed the same logic in terms of colours, Orion is black, with light brown symbols carved into clay.

Eco-Social is a governmental project led by a regional rural association which goal is summed-up in a simple but powerful tagline: "Developing entrepreneurship, protecting the environment."

I designed the logo having in mind the sinergy of this two terms and offered a solution of two speech bubbles in each word of the name, to suggest the need of a stronger communication between this two sides of the same coin. Colour scheme follows the same principle.

A logo for Plan A, an e-learning association. There was, as you probably assume, never a plan B for this one.

Dobar Dan Net is an IT platform that offers a variety of services and all of them include education, communication and progress, all the positive aspects of connecting people through information technologies.‬ In that sense, speech bubble was an obvious direction for a logo, especially because 'Dobar dan' in Croatian means 'Good day' and can be simply interpreted as being polite, saying 'Hello'.

People behind this platform are amazing. They made a website where you can learn about new technologies and get a 24/7 online support, for free. They're also involved in a project where they teach refugees to learn how to code which helps them to integrate into a society. They do this for free, too.

A logo for Dubrovnik Colors, family run tourist agency in King's Landing. Vibrant orange represents famous Dubrovnik roofs and the sun, while turquoise blue represents Adriatic Sea and ever clear skies.

Btw, shaping the heart icon was fun: the idea originates from the sketches and suggestions by client's three small kids.

This is a logo I made for a shopping portal. Kupina is a blackberry in Croatian but Kupina is also a word play here — 'Kupi' means 'Buy' and 'Na' could be translated as 'At'. Unfortunately, nobody ever bought anything through Kupina because investors retreated from the project. If you know someone who's cultivating blackberries and needs a logo, you know what to do.

My dear friend Kaja has a great heart. She's capable of doing many amazing things and most of them has a simple purpose, to cheer people up. At some point she was making loads of funny little textile badges and brooches for friends and I suggested it would be a good idea to give this urge of hers a name and make it a brand of sort.

So I suggested the name Goodies & Badges (word play with Good & Bad) and made a logo. Safety pin was on every badge and brooche so I decided to use it in the logo instead of an ampersand. Anyway, she started doing more and more of these things until she realized that she didn't want this hobby of hers to be seen as a marketing strategy and being branded in a commercial way. And she was right. She still makes all sorts of brilliant things but under no brand or flag or anything like that. In other words, she's just being — her. Sounds right, right?

This was a toughest brief ever. Why? Logotherapy is based on an existential analysis focusing on Kierkegaard's will to meaning as opposed to Adler's Nietzschean doctrine of will to power or Freud's will to pleasure. That's why. This analysis was developed by Austrian neurologist Viktor Frankl as a psychotherapeutic approach that deals with wide aspects of human behaviour but in a nutshell it is focused on three main points: Creativity, Experience and Attitude.

These three points are also the building blocks of a famous Frankl’s Triangle, a graphical tool usually used in lectures and presentations. I used this three points for a development of a logo, but in a more dynamic way, trying to transform triangle into a concentric circles or a labyrinth of it’s kind — something that, unlike triangle, has a way out.

ILOS stands for Institut za logoterapiju, obrazovanje i savjetovanje (Logotherapy, Education and Consulting Institute).

Interpretirajmo našu baštinu (Interpreting Our Heritage) is an educational platform for tourist guides. Workshops and lectures were held in Šibenik, beautiful town in Dalmatia. I designed a logo based on a fantastic colourful architectural visure of the city from the sea.

Vladimir Šimunić is a photographer and a teacher. He was also a role model of mine while I was attending his photography classes many years ago. This humble man taught me many things. Now when I'm a grown up (how and when that happened?) I'm happy to say we're friends and colleagues.

Even more so, he recently asked me to design a logo for his personal art projects and I'm very proud of that. Anyway, the space where the first letters of his name and surname intersect subtly shape an icon known to all photographers — focal length, which is something that all of us geeks can symbolicaly relate with in the real life too. Or maybe not, but still, it was a real honour and a pleasure to work on this logo.

The Beach Beat Club is a luxurious beach bar at the Croatian coast, in the city of Rabac.

I designed the logo without special meaning or deep symbolism. The typography and the color seemed right, the client agreed, the agency I worked for at the time was happy, so I was happy too. I mean, when you already have the sun and the sea and the booze — no reason to be unhappy, right?

My Next Travel was a travel portal I designed logo for. The identity was based on the simple idea of a sign which represented both a laptop and a suitcase.

Maidea is a tech company that works with a wide range of clients around the world, implementing their own innovative ICT solutions.

I was asked to design the logo and the main brief was to follow their tagline 'Transforming ideas'. To be more precise, their CEO asked me if I could design a logo by implementing icons of a butterfly and a book, symbols of transformation and knowledge. So I did.

This is a logo I've designed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Or at least it seems to me that way. Anyway, I did it for a piano tuning studio.

Adriatic Sunsets is a tourist agency from Dubrovnik. I designed the logo and delivered tons of other materials for their super fun bus tours. Believe it or not, their buses turn into convertibles on the click of a button. Their name is Sunsets. Adriatic Sunsets.

Applause Development is a top notch app development agency based here in Zagreb. I designed the logo having in mind a super simple idea — to arrange the letters of the name in such order so they can subtly symbolize app icons on a mobile screen.

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