Boris Pleša

Mladi Mariborski Solisti

Mladi mariborski solisti are a young classical music collective from Maribor, Slovenia. The main idea behind the identity was to make a monogram out of ensemble’s acronym. Bigger ‘M’ stands for Maribor, the smaller one stands for ‘mladi’ – which can be translated as ‘young’ – and it is placed beneath the bigger one, in order to represent the youth of the city.

The letter ‘S’ was done as an F hole which is not only an integral part of each instrument in this ensemble but also a wide known classical music symbol (and the one that is not so overused as a violin key). The middle part of a F hole symbol is not visible so it can be easily read as ‘S’. This is also a subtle element which honours the classical music heritage as well because in the past this hole was called — ‘S’.

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