Boris Pleša

Varstvo Pri Nani

Varstvo pri Nani is a private nursery (Varstvo), run by Ms. Tatjana who is better known among friends and local community as Nani. I was asked to designed a logo and I couldn’t wait to start sketching because it’s always challenging to come up with something fresh in this type of identity.

In my presentations I always present two ideas. That doesn’t mean I work on two ideas only; sometimes I work on seven ideas at the time, after I sketched thirty. Anyway, this time I made an exception and decided to include three solutions because I had this silly idea of a child icon smiling inside the pin icon. You guessed right; that was the third one. Luckily, Tatjana has a great sense of humour and she decided to go with that one. This job was done four years ago and I must say I still like this silly idea of a logo that shows you where your child is at the moment.

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